2020 NZ Powerboat Nationals & 95th Masport Cup COMPETITOR INFORMATION

2020 NZ Powerboat Nationals & 95th Masport Cup COMPETITOR INFORMATION

The Manukau Auckland Speedboat Club, New Zealand Grand Prix Hydroplane Drivers Club in association with Acceleration on Water Ltd would like to invite you to a great weekend for the 2020 NZ Powerboat Nationals & 95th Masport Cup at Lake Karapiro February 8-9th 2020. To date we have over 80 entries which is awesome thank you to all of you who have entered. Lots of racing both days with several feature races on Sunday Marsh Motorsport, Masport Cup, Moult Gold Cup and the Dennis Taylor Memorial.

LIVE Streaming: The event will be live streamed watch our face book and website for the link

Accommodation: Onsite camping facilities please make your bookings at the Karapiro Domain Office phone 078274178. Please contact Cambridge I- site centre if you require some help with seeking accommodation ph. 07 8233456. Accommodation is pretty booked up in Cambridge they do still have camp sites available

Prize Giving Saturday & Sunday:  The downstairs bar in the complex will be open both Saturday and Sunday from 11am, we will have a Prize giving Saturday afternoon as soon as the racing is finished around 4.30pm to present the NZ Titles. Sunday we will do the same straight after the racing

Safety & Rescue: Marine Medical Services will be on the water with two paramedic divers, others to assist will be Andy Laurie, Link Clarke, NZPBA Rescue team and Manukau Auckland rescue boat Thom Hesketh.

Liquor Ban: Domain grounds and Camping There is a 24/7 Liquor band in place in the Domain grounds and the camp grounds, however the bar will be open in the bottom room of the complex you are welcome to have refreshments their during the day from 11am- 7pm both days

Gate Entry: is $20.00 per adult per day children 12yrs under FREE – Each team will be given (5) tickets, you are welcome to purchase more tickets at $10.00   You can collect your tickets on Friday from me. If you have to pay to get in the gate then we will reimburse you and give you passes for the Sunday.

Saturday night: Gourmet in the Gardens is on in the grounds by the lodge from 4-8pm they have heaps of yummy food if you are looking for dinner.

Security: There will be security on site overnight from 6pm-6am Friday, Sat & Sunday nights

Friday: Practise the Lake will be open from 12 midday if you wish to test you have from 12-4pm to do so. There will be divers and a medic on the water also.

Scrutineering: We will be scrutineering on Friday and would like to get as many boats done as possible to make it a lot easier on the Saturday morning, please make sure you have been checked before you go on the water Friday.

For those who have an air system in their boats can you please check that your air fittings are up to date we had a couple of issues at Taupo with some that were not.

Safe travels to you all if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me denise@accelerationonwater.co.nz or 0272503504

Thanks Denise

New Zealand Powerboat National Entries 2020 – Karapiro

New Zealand Powerboat National Entries 2020 – Karapiro

New Zealand Powerboat National Entries 2020
NZGP Hydroplanes
Annihilator .007 Warwick Lupton
Miss Waverley David Alexander
Miss Marsden Cove Steve Preece
Gulf Oil Tiger Peter Dudson
Gulf Oil Gambler Kevin Ireland
Lucas Oils GP577 Ken Lupton
Penrite Repco GP57 Jack Lupton
Lady Liz Jason Haggerty
Fair Warning Scott Coker
Miss New Zealand Troy Marland
NZ Juniors
Black Jack Jacob Knoef
Redge Andrew Speedie
The Huntsman Tate Burns
Nitro Scott Watson
Lil Boogie Josh Buttimore
Big Chief Sam Johnstone
Kane it Kane Probyn
Ova-Lowed Cory Lowe
Roadrunner Callum Burns
Raptor Force Seth Parker
Blue Dragon William Stilwell
Johnston Associates James Stilwell
The Judge Jayden Lowe
Modified Hydroplanes
Acron Challanger Tony Ward
Clipper Steve Mathieson
Armageddon Brendon Hall
Macsheen Peter McLeod
Predator Craig Ward
New Obsession Jared Robinson
Endorphin Rush Mitch Lowe
Series 3000
Fall Out Connor Sanderson
Midnight Steve Mathieson
Boatary Mat Gaudin
Mod VP
Scary Bayden Sprozen
Kausin Kaos Mason Dunlop
Absolutely Clueless David Cassidy/Owen Wilson
Simply Red Blair Murray
NZ Formula One
Mitre 10 Racing Nick Coles
Johnston Associates Julian Stilwell
Red Express Sam Hughes
Total Chaos Brendon Cornes
Grand National
Hang on 2 Rex & Johnny Henderson
Clipper Steve Mathieson
Acron Challenger Tony Ward
Armageddon Brendon Hall
Macsheen Peter McLeod
Predator Craig Ward
Formula V
Touche Dave Speedie
Scary Bayden Sprozen
Wild Card Derek McAdam
Kausin Kaos Mason Dunlop
Absolutely Clueless David Cassidy/Owen Wilson
Simply Red Blair Murray


The Judge Ricky Lowe
Lil Boogie Luke Buttimore
Legend Ross Ledger
Tempo 2 Sophie Gapper
Toxic Barbie Karen Sanderson
Boat 53 Andrew McBeth
Ovalowed Toni Lowe
Grandad Tony Inwood
Pro Stock 95
Boatary Mat Gaudin
Satan’s Pride Craig Newman
Midnight Steve Mathieson
Super Stock
Rat Attack 002 Cody Greening
Rat Attack 001  Karl Weller
Heat Seeker Adam Parker
Formula 3
Sinista Luke Dunlop
The Bathrooms Direct Kate Hall
Nova Lightning Nathan Parker
Shady Racing Andrew McBeth
Raggard Edge Lee Merrion
Dark Horse Christine Hanning
Paradise Afloat Vicki Hall
Midnight Steve Mathieson
The Bathrooms Direct Kate Hall
Midnight Steve Mathieson
Paradise Afloat Vicki Hall
New Obsession Jared Robinson
Rat Attack 001 Karl Weller
Rat Attack 002 Cody Greening
Rat Attack 003 Zach Weller
Typhoon Simon Watkins
Heatseeker Adam Parker



12pm Safety Briefing
12-4pm Scrutineering
1-4pm Water open for testing


7-8am Scrutineering
8.00am Safety Briefing
8.15am Drivers Briefing
8.30-9.30 Grand Prix Testing

Race 1 9.45am Formula V/Mod VP- Heat 1
Race 2 10.00am Juniors – Heat 1
Race 3 10.15am Clubman’s -Heat 1
Race 4 10.30am Formula One – Heat 1
Race 5 10.45am Series 3000- Heat 1
Race 6 11.00am Grand Prix -Heat 1a
Race 7 11.15am Grand Prix- Heat 1b
Race 8 11.30am Grand Prix -Heat 1c
Race 9 11.45am Pro Stock 95 -Heat 1
Race 10 12.00pm Mod H/Grand National – Heat 1
Race 11 12.15pm Pro Com/ Superstock-Heat 1
Race 12 12.30pm Formula 3 – Heat 1
Race 13 12.45pm Formula V/Mod VP- Heat 2
Race 14 1.00pm Juniors – Heat 2
Race 15 1.15pm Clubman’s -Heat 2
Race 16 1.30pm Series 3000- Heat 2
Race 17 1.45pm Formula One – Heat 2
Race 18 2.00pm Grand Prix – Heat 2a
Race 19 2.15pm Grand Prix -Heat 2b
Race 20 2.30pm Grand Prix- Heat 2c
Race 21 2.45pm Pro Stock 95 -Heat 2
Race 22 3.00pm Mod H/Grand National – Heat 2
Race 23 3.15pm Pro Com/ Superstock-Heat 2
Race 24 3.30pm Formula 3 – Heat 2
Race 25 3.45pm King of the Nationals


8.30am Safety Briefing
8.45am Drivers Briefing

Race 1 9.00am Formula V/Mod VP
Race 2 9.15am Juniors
Race 3 9.30am Clubman’s
Race 4 9.45am Formula 3
Race 5 10.00am Grand Prix – NZ Championship Consolation
Race 6 10.15am Pro Stock 95/Series 3000
Race 7 10.30am Marsh Motor Sport
Race 8 10.45am Grand Prix – NZ Championship Final
Race 9 11.00pm Pro Com/Grand National Superstock/Grand National
Race 10 11.15pm Formula One
Race 11 11.30am Formula V/Mod VP
Race 12 11.45pm Juniors
Race 13 12.00pm Clubman’s
Race 14 12.15pm Formula 3
Race 15 12.30pm Pro Stock 95/Series 3000
Race 16 12.45pm Masport Cup – Heat One
Race 16 1.00pm Mod H /Grand National/Pro Com/Superstock
Race 17 1.15pm Formula One
Race 18 1.30pm Formula V/Mod VP
Race 19 1.45pm Juniors
Race 20 2.00pm Clubman’s
Race 21 2.15pm Formula 3
Race 20 2.30pm Masport Cup Heat two
Race 21 2.45pm Masport Cup Presentation
Race 22 3.15pm Dennis Taylor Memorial ( Beach Start) Second Top Ten
Race 22 3.30pm Moult Gold Cup (Beach Start) Top Ten


Masport is extremely proud to once again be associated with the NZ Grand Prix Hydroplane Champs and celebrating its 92nd year sponsoring the Masport Cup in 2017. Masport unquestionably has a historic attachment with New Zealand speedboat racing. In 1922 Miss Masport won the NZ Powerboat Association’s championship reaching 31mph. At an average speed of 28mph on a timed course she became New Zealand champion. In 1925 Mason and Porter (now internationally known as Masport) donated a cup to be competed for by the top speed boats of the country, thus was born the Masport Cup, the symbol of supremacy in New Zealand speedboat racing. So in downtown Tauranga over the weekend of 4th & 5th March 2017, we wish all the best to those competing who have put the weeks, months or even years of work into their craft, and look forward to celebrating with the next triumphant challenger to have their name inscribed onto the Masport Cup.

Steve Hughesmasport-1
General Manager –  Masport





Karapiro – 8-9 February 2020

Karapiro Admission

Adults: $20 Per Day
12 and Under FREE



Click here for accommodation options in and around
Lake Karapiro


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