Hydro Thunder Results -Taupo 2020

Hydro Thunder Results -Taupo 2020

Results from the Hydro Thunder Series after round one at Lake Taupo

North Island Superstock

1st – Rat Attack 002 – Cody Greening

2nd – Heat Seeker – Adam Parker

North Island Juniors

1st – The Judge – Jayden Lowe

2nd – Ova-Lowed – Corey Lowe

3rd – Johnston Associates –  James Stilwell

North Island Clubman’s

1st – The Judge – Rick Lowe

2nd – Legend – Ross Ledger

3rd –  Ova- Lowed – Toni Lowe

North Island Grand Prix & Joe Robinson Trophy

1st –  Lucas Oils – Ken Lupton

2nd  Penrite-Repco – Jack Lupton

3rd   Miss Waverley – David Alexander

Hydro Thunder GP Hydroplane Series Taupo Round One

100pts  Lucas Oils – Ken Lupton

86pts    Miss New Zealand- Ken Lupton

79pts    Penrite –Repco-  Jack Lupton

75pts    Fair Warning – Scott Coker

71pts    Miss Waverley – David Alexander

46pts    Lady Liz – Jason Haggerty

39pts    Miss Marsden Cove – Steve Preece

21pts    Annihilator 007 – Warwick Lupton

18pts    Gulf Oil Tiger – Peter Dudson

0 pts     Gulf Oil Gambler – Kevin Ireland

Hydro Thunder Taupo 2020 Entries

Hydro Thunder Taupo 2020 Entries

NZGP Hydroplanes
Annihilator .007 Warwick Lupton
Miss Waverley David Alexander
Miss Marsden Cove Steve Preece
Gulf Oil Tiger Peter Dudson
Gulf Oil Gambler Kevin Ireland
Lucas Oils GP577 Ken Lupton
Penrite Repco GP57 Jack Lupton
Lady Liz Jason Haggerty
Fair Warning Scott Coker
Miss New Zealand Troy Marland
North Island Superstock
Heat Seeker Adam Parker
Rat Attack 001 Karl Weller
Rat Attack 002 Cody Greening
North Island Juniors
Black Jack Jacob Knoef
Johnston Associates James Stilwell
Blue Dragon William Stilwell
Raptor Force Seth Parker
Big Chief Sam Johnstone
Ova-Loved Cary Lowe
Nitro Scott Watson
Redge Andrew Speedie
Red Hot Jono Elliott
Lil Boogie Josh Buttimore
The Judge Jayden Lowe
North Island Clubman’s
Ova-Loved Toni Lowe
Redge Dave Speedie
Legend Ross Ledger
Lil Boogie Luke Buttimore
The Judge Rick Lowe
Mixed Class Racing
Mitre 10 Racing Nick Coles
Last of Summer Wine Darryn Finurane
Predator Craig Ward
Rat Attack 003 Zach Weller
Simply Red Blair Murray
P8RIOT 22 Max Latimer
Evil Racing Craig Henwood
MacSheen Peter McLeod
Scary Bayden Sprozen
Red Express Sam Hughes
Taupo – Race Program 2020

Taupo – Race Program 2020

Race Program Taupo 24-25-26th January 2020

Thursday: Boats can be parked at Yacht Club from 3pm

Security on site Thursday-Friday-Saturday and Sunday nights

Friday 24 January 2020 – General Testing from 9am-3pm

Saturday 25 January 2020 

7.00-7.45am – Scrutineering

7.30am – Drivers Briefing

7.45am – Water open for testing

8.20am – Clubman’s

8.30am – North Island Junior’s (heat.1)

8.45am – North Island Clubman’s (heat 1)

9.00am – Mixed Class Racing

9.15am – North Island Grand Prix (heat 1a)

9.30am – North Island Grand Prix (heat .1b)

9.45am – North Island Grand Prix (heat .1c)

10.00am – North Island Superstock (heat.1)

10.15am – Mixed Class Racing

10.30am – North Island Junior’s (heat.2)

10.45am – North Island Grand Prix (heat. 2a)

11.00am – North Island Grand Prix (heat2b)

11.15am – North Island Grand Prix (heat2c)

11.30am – North Island Super stock (heat. 2)

11.45am – North Island Clubman’s (heat. 2)

Everyone off the water by 12.midday NO NOISE because of concert

Sunday 26 January 2020

7.30-8.00 – Scrutineering

8.30am – Drivers Briefing

8.45am – Water open for testing (if required)

9.00am – Junior’s

9.15am – Clubman’s

9.30am – Mixed Class Racing

9.45am – Grand Prix (heat .3a)

10.00am – Grand Prix (heat .3b)

10.15am – Grand Prix (heat.3c)

10.30am – Juniors

10.45am – Clubman’s

11.00am – Mixed Class Racing

11.15am – Juniors

11.30am – Clubman’s

11.45am – Mixed Class Racing

12.00pm – Junior’s

12.15pm – Clubman’s

12.30pm – NZ Offshore Powerboats Race One (half hour)

1.15pm – Mixed Class racing

1.30pm – NZ Offshore Powerboats Race Two (half hour)

2.00pm – Grand Prix Hydroplane – Consolation

2.15pm – Junior’s

2.30pm – Clubman’s

2.45pm – Mixed Class Racing

3.00pm – Joe Robinson Trophy – Grand Prix Hydroplane Final



Smaller classes of the beach in front of the Yacht Club

Cranes: Two cranes will be set up on the grass area in front of the Car Park those been craned will be parked up from Thursday afternoon 3pm onwards.

All others launching are too use the Taupo Marina Boat Ramp.


There will be security onsite overnight, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights.

 NO Camping onsite: 

The Council have come down heavy on us this year and want NO camping onsite

More updates to come, for further information please do not hesitate to contact

Denise Preece – denise@accelerationonwater.co.nz – Event Organiser

Rod Vennell – rod@accelertiononwater.co.nz – Event & Driver Support

Masport is extremely proud to once again be associated with the NZ Grand Prix Hydroplane Champs and celebrating its 92nd year sponsoring the Masport Cup in 2017. Masport unquestionably has a historic attachment with New Zealand speedboat racing. In 1922 Miss Masport won the NZ Powerboat Association’s championship reaching 31mph. At an average speed of 28mph on a timed course she became New Zealand champion. In 1925 Mason and Porter (now internationally known as Masport) donated a cup to be competed for by the top speed boats of the country, thus was born the Masport Cup, the symbol of supremacy in New Zealand speedboat racing. So in downtown Tauranga over the weekend of 4th & 5th March 2017, we wish all the best to those competing who have put the weeks, months or even years of work into their craft, and look forward to celebrating with the next triumphant challenger to have their name inscribed onto the Masport Cup.

Steve Hughesmasport-1
General Manager –  Masport





Taupo – 25-26 January 2020

Taupo Admission




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Lake Taupo

Round 2 - Mangakino

07Days 19Hours 27Minuts 40Seconds

Round 2 - Taupo

63Days 19Hours 27Minuts 40Seconds

Round 3 - Karapiro

77Days 19Hours 27Minuts 40Seconds

Round 4 - Nelson

105Days 19Hours 27Minuts 40Seconds


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